Quantitative Estimates of Holocene Glacier Mass Fluctuations on the Western Tibetan Plateau

Published: 19-03-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/pdxw5sm62h.2
Can-Ge Li,
null null,
Weiguo Liu,
Shih-Yu Li,
Fahu Chen,
Juzhi Hou


The following dataset were measured on a sediment core at Guozha Co. Guozha_MS contains the magnetic susceptibility data. Guozha_XRF contains XRF scanned elements. Guozha_dataset contains grain size, LOI, stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratios. All data indicate the influence of glacier melt water on the lake system at Guozha Co. Stable isotope isotope ratios are used to calculate the mass variation for the glaciers within the lake catchment.