Data on the effects of filters, storage conditions, and chlorination in fluorescence and absorbance wastewater measurements

Published: 10 Jan 2020 | Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pf86xs7ybk.1

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Data in this repository contain raw fluorescence and UV absorbance measurements of wastewater organic matter related to different wastewater qualities, including primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater effluents, and a wastewater-impacted surface water. Samples stored under different conditions were analyzed at different time of storage over a testing period of 21 days. Surface water and wastewater samples were stored filtered (0.7 μm) and unfilterd at different temperature (i.e.; room temperature, 4 °C, and -20 °C). The repository contains also fluorescence and UV absorbance raw data of chlorinated wastewater effluents. Furthermore, data in the repository include fluorescence and UV absorbance spectra of blank samples obtained filtering Milli-Q water by glass microfiber filters (0.7 μm), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane filters (0.45 μm), cellulose nitrate membrane filters (0.45 μm), and by polyether sulfone (PES) syringe filters (0.45 μm). Ultraviolet light absorbance was analyzed using a Shimadzu UV-1800 spectrophotometer (Kyoto, Japan). Absorbance spectra were measured from 200 to 800 nm at 1 nm intervals in a 1 cm quartz cuvette with Milli-Q water used as a blank. Fluorescence data were collected using a Shimadzu RF-5301PC fluorescence spectrophotometer (Kyoto, Japan) with the scanning range from excitation wavelength 220 nm to 450 nm at an interval of 5 nm, and emission wavelength from 250 nm to 580 nm at the interval of 1 nm. Excitation and emission slit widths were both set at 5 nm.

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  • Version 1


    Published: 2020-01-10

    DOI: 10.17632/pf86xs7ybk.1

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    Sgroi, Massimiliano; Gagliano, Erica; Vagliasindi, Federico; Roccaro, Paolo (2020), “Data on the effects of filters, storage conditions, and chlorination in fluorescence and absorbance wastewater measurements”, Mendeley Data, v1


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Universita degli Studi di Catania


Spectroscopy, Environmental Engineering, Dissolved Organic Matter, Fluorescence, Absorbance


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