Data for: Robust building energy consumption forecasting using an online learning approach with R ranger

Published: 30 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pfrpx3dn39.1


These datasets are preprocessed datasets for the raw data from Building 6 and Building 7 of "Long-term energy consumption & outdoor air temperature for 11 commercial buildings." Herein, Building 6 and Building 7 have been renamed to Building 1 and Building 2, respectively, for the construction of the RABOLA model. All datasets consist of date (month/day/year/hour), independent variables, and dependent variable (Power). The attribution of input variables (from IV01 to IV18) in the preprocessed datasets for Stage 1 can be found in "Table 3" of our published paper. For more detailed information on the datasets, please see our published paper.


Steps to reproduce

We have specifically reported the reproduction steps for this work in "Subsection 2.1. Data preprocessing" of our published paper.


Energy Use in Building, Electricity End Use, Time Series Forecasting, Building Energy Analysis