Parameter Estimation and Shading Pattern Identification for Photovoltaic Modules: Measured PV data

Published: 12 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pftv5xx26h.1
Jieming Ma


Contact information: Jieming Ma Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Suzhou, China. Dates of data collection: 2021/03 Geographic location: Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University’s south campus (east longitude 120o75’, north latitude 31o28’) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This directory contains the following datasets: ------------------------------ PV data (poly-crystalline XHYG-10W PV modules) Poly_1_1.mat Poly_1_2.mat Poly_1_3.mat Poly_2_1.mat Poly_2_2.mat Poly_2_3.mat Poly_3_1.mat Poly_3_2.mat Poly_3_3.mat Poly_4_1.mat Poly_4_2.mat Poly_4_3.mat ------------------------------ PV data ( mono-crystalline XKD-50W PV modules) Mono_1_4.mat Mono_1_5.mat Mono_1_6.mat Mono_2_4.mat Mono_2_5.mat Mono_2_6.mat Mono_3_4.mat Mono_3_5.mat Mono_3_6.mat Mono_4_4.mat Mono_4_5.mat Mono_4_6.mat --------------------------------------------------------------------- DOCUMENTATION FOR PV data In the experiments, we applied poly-crystalline XHYG-10W and mono-crystalline XKD-50W PV modules, whose technical parameters are listed as follows. PV module XHYG-10W XKD-50W Cell Technology Poly-Crystalline Mono-Crystalline Maximum Power 10 W 50W Voltage at Maximum Power Point 9V 17.82V Current at Maximum Power Point 1.12A 2.8A Open-circuit voltage 10.71V 22.02V Short-circuit current 1.23A 3.18A The number of cells 20 36 The experiments used four-series connected PV modules operating under both UICs and PSCs. The PV cellswere shaded by light films to simulate different PSCs. AYHT309 thermometer with Type-K thermocouple probes was installed to measure the temperature of the PV panels. The solar irradiance was measured by a standard 2 cm2 cm mono-crystalline PV cell which has been calibrated by the National Institute of Metrology, China. A Fluke F289C multimeter measured the cell’s short circuit current. A PROVA-1011 PV system analyzer has the capability of generating the I-V data under a specific environmental condition. In the dataset, there are 24 testing cases by using multiple-level numbering. The first item indicates the number of irradiance levels receiving by the applied PV string, while the second item represents the case number. For example, “4-2" means the second test case with four different irradiance levels. All the data were collected at the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University’s south campus (east longitude 120o75’, north latitude 31o28’) in March 2021. The column headings for the tabular data are defined as follows: I terminal current (A) V terminal voltage (V) T temperature (oC)