Weightless grown radicles of carrot seeds

Published: 21 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pfv2rbknbp.1
Giacomo Mele,


1) 3D binary image data set representing 33 radicles of carrot seeds. 10 of the imaged radicles grew in real weightless condition on International Space Station (ISS file name prefix), 12 of the imaged radicles grew in simulated weightlessness on a horizontal clinostat on Earth (CL file name prefix) and 11 of the imaged radicles grew in static gravity condition on Earth (GRE file name prefix). Images of the radicles were obtained by means of x-ray micro-CT of the cilindrical substrates where the carrot seeds had been posed in the middle. 2) Videos of the radicles that rotate with the local Root Angles to Sowing Plane (RASP) repesented by a color map. 3) Videos of the radicles that rotate with the local 3D orientation changes (ROC) represented by a grey level map. Note: above data are related to the paper code: YBENG-D-23-01074_R1 entitled: "Local mapping of root orientation traits by 3D image analysis: a study case on seedlings grown in simulated vs real weightlessness".


Steps to reproduce

Unzip files and open the 3D stacks of binary images of each radicle with any commercial or opensource (e.g., ImageJ) 3D image visualisation tool. After unzipping folders, videos can be reproduced with any software opening .mp4 files


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


3D Imaging, Phenotyping, Astrobiology, Morphometrics, Root Studies