Zero emission trucks production monitoring in early 2023

Published: 2 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pfvn4kyn77.1


The global challenge of reducing the negative impact of the transport sector on the environment today meets the need to maintain a high level of mobility, both in delivering goods and in passenger transport. The purpose of this study is to investigate the availability of electric trucks in the market as an alternative to the current ways of transporting goods. Several groups of cars are included in the study, the base consists of cars with a capacity of over 7.5 tons (trucks), the second dominant group is trucks with a capacity less than 7.5 tons, which is also combined with family car transport with more than five seats and similar cars (sprinters and vans). In the research, car manufacturers, produced model names, technical parameters of models (usable battery, acceleration, top speed, range, efficiency, fastcharge), year of start of model production, market prices of models have been collected. The database reflects information on 63 producer and 142 models. At the moment, it is the most complete database, which includes the technical parameters of the investigated truck (as the other databases, for example, focus only on the "truck" group) and the only one that allows you to compare the prices of the trucks. The obtained data can be used to select a vehicle based on energy consumption, manufacturer, parameters, etc. criteria. But, above all, the database, in connection with the use of traditional cars, reflects that the e-truck market is currently only in the stage of formation and, for the time being, is not capable of significantly changing the existing situation. This raises the question of the need to act to promote the transition to environmentally friendly solutions.


Steps to reproduce

During the research, a manual search was carried out on the Internet, with the aim of finding all zero emission truck manufacturers and all zero emission truck models that are available for production in summer 20023 and available on the market at the given time. The database reflects 366 sources, links are included and available in the database.


Rigas Tehniska universitate


Transport, Economics, Environment Protection


Latvijas Zinātnes Padome

FAR programme, project TRANS4ECO, project No. lzp-2022/1-0306, 01.01.2023.- 31.12.2025.