EHF-electrochemistry of the mineralized ferric chloride solutions

Published: 8 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pgj9wjwpmd.1
Oleg Gradov, Margaret Gradova


Extremely high frequency electrochemistry of the mineralized ("still" or "sparkling" {carbonated / effervescent}) ferric chloride solutions at the oxygen frequency. Only visual effects. Without graphs and digital data. Only russian (CYR) versions of files with passwords. English version and graphical data was submitted with article in the international journal. For official use in our collaborations.


Steps to reproduce

Read the supplement manuscript on our FTP, because article file format is not applicable for Mendeley data.


Institut energeticeskih problem himiceskoj fiziki RAN, Institut himiceskoj fiziki imeni NN Semenova RAN


Electrochemistry, Microwave Spectroscopy, Electrocatalysis, Ferrofluids, Ferromagnetism, Bubble Chemistry, Bubble Formation, Bubble Transport, Electro-Oxidation, Electrocrystallization, Bubble Velocity, Frequency Estimation, Frequency Effects, Oxygenator, Hydrothermal Mineralization