Data for: CO2 induced changes in Mount Simon sandstone: Understanding links to post CO2 injection monitoring, seismicity, and reservoir integrity

Published: 28 July 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pgmdf5d2w2.1
William Harbert,
Kristian Jessen,
Mary Tkach,
Scott Frailey,
Dustin Crandall,
Samantha Fuchs,
Zhuofan Shi,
Angela Goodman,
Charles Werth,
Barbara Kutchko,
Laura Dalton,
Igor Haljasmaa,
Sean Sanguinito,
Theo Tsotsis,
Richard Spaulding


Appendix 2: Full Ultrasonic results: Ultrasonic or dynamic moduli and material properties were calculated using these two cores in the conditions shown. Peff refers to the confining pressure, subtracted from the pore pressure. Changes in material properties are determined with respect to the before exposure values. Petrophysical parameters shown represent dynamic rather than static material properties. The rows shown are the averaged values for the dynamic Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s ratio, the shear modulus (μ), lambda (λ), Bulk Modulus, Brittleness Index, Vp/Vs, λ/μ, the number of measurements averaged (N) and the average Peff and associated standard deviation. For sample VW1-6926 pre-exposure, two cycles of Pc loading/unloading, measurements were performed at 50°C. For post exposure one cycle of loading and unloading, measurements performed at 50°C. An additional measurement of sample VW1-6926 post-exposure was completed at 24° C, which were completed after 586 days storage of the core in a desiccator (Pre50C-Post24C Percent Change). For sample VW1-6919, for both pre-exposure and post-exposure two cycles of loading/unloading, measurements were performed at 50°C. Values and the standard deviations for these values are shown before exposure (Pre50C column), after exposure (Post50C column) and after exposure measured at 22° C , which were completed after 8 days storage of the core in a desiccator (Post22C column). Following the drying procedure described in the text, the samples were stored in a desiccant chamber between the two post-exposure measurements. For sample VW1-6919 the sample was storied for 8 days between the Post50C and Post22C measurements.



Geochemistry, Petrophysics, Seismic Monitoring