Obese pre-post Bariatric UAE

Published: 9 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pgr5pbhs7t.1
Mirey Karavetian


Obesity is a global concern, including in the United Arab Emirates, where bariatric surgery offers a potential solution, though its weight loss mechanisms remain uncertain. We investigated these mechanisms in 19 Emirati adults undergoing sleeve gastrectomy. Energy balance, gut peptides, hormones, and microbiota were examined. Three months post-surgery, we observed significant reductions in energy intake, appetite, anthropometric measures, insulin, leptin, and GLP-1, while PYY and GHR increased, and REE remained stable. Gut microbiota composition changed, with some taxa negatively correlated with energy intake, BMI, and appetite. These findings suggest that changes in gut peptides, hormones, and microbiota contribute to the effectiveness of bariatric surgery in promoting weight loss, offering insights for personalized obesity interventions. The raw data used for this study are attached.



Gut Endocrinology, Obesity, Diet, Gut Microbiota, Bariatric Surgery


Zayed University