Examining the landscape of skin of color dermatoses: a cross-sectional study at an urban tertiary care center

Published: 05-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pgt6tcyjp6.1
Raveena Khanna,
Micah Belzberg,
Rayva Khanna,
Amy Huang,
Kyle A Williams,
Justin Choi,
Nishadh Sutaria,
Michael Hong,
Youkyung S Roh,
Sewon Kang,
Crystal Aguh,
Shawn Kwatra


These findings represent a significant investigational study into the stratification of skin conditions based on race, ethnicity and gender. Our results suggest that many cutaneous dermatoses disproportionately affect skin of color patients. The present study therefore sought to highlight the most common dermatoses in skin of color patients that warrant further study.