Site characteristics of current wind power deployment in Austria and Denmark

Published: 16 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/phm6cbdyyd.1
Felix Nitsch, Johannes Schmidt


This data set features detailed information on wind power deployment in Austria and Denmark aggregated at 1 km spatial resolution. First, we aggegrated wind power plant location data on turbine level to pixels of 1 km size. Second, we added several characteristics which describe the pixel and the site specifications. We included data on average annual wind speeds, land use, height above sea level, population density, human impact on land following the Human Footprint Index and nature conservation areas. For a detailed description of the input data sets please refer to Nitsch, F., Turkovska, O., Schmidt, J. (2019). Observation-based estimates of wind power potential: a case study for the Czech Republic. Submitted to Energy, Sustainability and Society. This data can be used to assess wind power potentials derived from observation-based data. A first case study using this data set was conducted for the Czech Republic in Nitsch et al. (2019).



Wind Energy, Spatial Analysis, Renewable Energy, Land Use