New status and combinations in Zanthoxylum asiaticum (Rutaceae)

Published: 6 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/phsmy7kpy9.1
Raja Prakasam


Zanthoxylum asiaticum, formerly recognized as Toddalia asiatica along with its three varieties such as T. asiatica var. floribunda, T. asiatica var. gracilis, and T. asiatica var. obtusifolia, underwent a significant taxonomic revision in a recent phylogenetic investigation of Rutaceae. The findings of this study lead to the proposal of new combinations for Z. asiaticum var. floribunda, Z. asiaticum var. gracilis and Z. asiaticum var. obtusifolia based on the detailed morphological and anatomical studies. A detailed description, notes, photo plates and comparison table are provided for better identification and reference.



Life Sciences, Taxonomy