Phase-field study of IMC growth in Sn–Cu/Cu solder joints including elastoplastic effects -- data sets and codes

Published: 28 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pkb252vtps.1
Nele Moelans, A. Durga


The main phase-field matlab code and accompanying set-up and postprocessing matlab codes used for the work presented in "Phase-field study of IMC growth in Sn–Cu/Cu solder joints including elastoplastic effects", A. Durga, P. Wollants, N. Moelans, Acta Materialia, 88, P241-258, 2020. Each folder contains all the programs and the obtained simulation results for one of the loading cases, as mentioned in the paper. The m-files sim_solderxxxxx.m and invoer_solderxxxxx.m contain all the information needed to start-up the simulations. All the input data and cases considered are listed in the article. The m-file multi_comp_interf_xxxxx.m is the main function containing the implementation of all equations. The m-file width_layer.m derives the width as a function of time from the result files and stores this information in width_time.mat file. The m-file postprocess_final_100000s.m is used to generate the figures used in the article and along with the accompanying files getlinfit_2m.m, getlinfit.m to obtain the growth coefficients ‘k’ which are reported in the article. For plotting profiles of elastic energy density, von Mises stress, etc. at a certain time step, an example file ‘postprocess_elasticenergydensity.m’ is provided in folder ‘AppTensY_EqEig’, which plots the elastic energy density profile for ‘AppTensY_EqEig’ case. The m-file ParabolicGPlotting.m is used to generate the plots of the parabolic Gibbs energy density functions used in the article. The figures used in the article are provided in the ‘Figures’ folder in both .fig and .eps formats.



Copper, Tin, Plasticity, Microstructure Modeling, Intermetallic Compound, Aging of Material, Alloy Metallurgy