Supplemental High-Speed Videos for: Experimental comparison and visualization of in-tube continuous and pulsating flow boiling

Published: 23 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pkjc4gfrd8.1
Martin Ryhl Kærn


These videos show pulsating flow boiling performed by a pulse width modulated expansion valve and continuous flow boiling performed by a stepper motor expansion valve. The cycle time for the pulsating flow are 1 s and 5 s, respectively. The refrigerant is R134a with upstream saturation temperature of 30 C and subcooling of 2 K and 20 K, respectively. Downsteam evaporation temperature is 5 C. The time-averaged mass flux is 100 kg/m2s. More information is available in recent submitted paper.



Visualization, Flow Boiling