EMTO13P - 3D Database

Published: 5 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pm4tp44j4m.1
Antonio Di Rienzo


These are the databases containing the tensors and parameters related to the cell's microstructures for different values of densitiy, orientations and cubicities. Each column corresponds to a cell : the first six lines, for both the files, are the values of the six macro design variables (density, orientation 1, orientation2, orientation 3, cubicity 21 and cubicity31). The next 21 lines in "Database3DPar-27x6x6x21x21x21x21.mat" are the 21 indipendet elements of the stiffness tensor of the unit cell. The next 13 lines in "Structure3DPar.mat" are the 13 parameters that allow to rebuild the unit cell structure (using the MATLAB code Structure3D.m).



Topology Optimization