Dataset for Spatial Cost-Benefit Macro-Siting of Variable Renewable Energy Projects in Bohol, Philippines

Published: 19 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pm4vcmnxwx.1
Dave Pojadas,


These datasets are used to obtain the results of the study titled "A spatial cost-benefit macro-siting of variable renewable energy projects in Bohol, Philippines." This study aims to identify the location of all commercially viable solar PV and wind projects in the study area using GIS and cost-benefit analysis in two hypothetical scenarios. The benefit-cost ratio is used to categorize Project Opportunity Areas (POAs) into viable and non-viable. The document "Locational Constraints" contains the maximum distance from all POAs to the nearest road network and transmission lines. The document "VRE Summary of Results" contains all the results of the analysis we conducted for the study. The document "Sensitivity Analysis Summary" also holds the results of the sensitivity analysis we conducted by varying the discount rate and the operating lifespan of the project. The documents “Solar PV POAs capacity estimation” and “Wind POAs Capacity Estimation” show how we estimated the capacities of POAs for solar PV and wind, respectively.



University of San Carlos - Talamban Campus


Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy Economics