Controlled Catheter Movement Affects Dye Dispersal Volume in Agarose Gel Brain Phantoms

Published: 12 June 2020| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/pp6xt6pnsm.4
Jason Mehta


In this study, we examine the effects of controlled catheter movement on dye dispersal volume in agarose gel brain tissue phantoms. Four different catheter movement control protocols: stationary, continuous retraction, continuous insertion, and intermittent insertion were applied for a single-port stepped catheter capable of intrainfusion movement. Infusions of indigo carmine dye into agarose gel brain tissue phantoms were conducted during the controlled catheter movement. The dispersal volume (Vd), forward dispersal volume (Vdf), infusion radius, backflow distance, and forward flow distance were quantified for each catheter movement protocol using optical images recorded throughout the experiment. Attached data include raw images from each experiment ran, quantified data obtained from image analysis, and an infusion movie showing infusions for each of the 4 experimental groups.



University of Texas at Austin