Dataset on Acido-biocatalysis of Agro Solid Wastes in Acidic Medium for the Conversion of Pink Solo Carica papaya Seed oil to Biodiesel Fuel

Published: 27 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ppzcrfccvb.1
Adepoju Tunde


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The oil was preheated at temperature of 80 oC for 60 min in a biodiesel reactor, acidified catalyst was weighed and added to a know volume of ethanol, and the mixture was stirred to achieved ethanol-catalyst mixture [14-15]. The mixed ethanol-catalyst was added to preheated oil in the reactor, and the reaction was monitored at 70 oC for a known time. At the reaction completion, the product was allowed to stand in a separating funnel for 48 h to allow the gravity settling. At the end of 48 h, three layers were observed: the ethanol thin layer, the biodiesel thick layer, and the glycerol-catalyst layer [16-17]. The layer was fractionally separated by removing glycerol-catalyst layers from the bottom of separating funnel, and the ethanol-biodiesel layers were washed with distilled water, dried over magnesium sulfate, and then filtered to obtained pure diesel.


Delta State University


Energy Conversion