Data for: A late Holocene subfossil Atlantic white cedar tree-ring chronology from the northeastern United States

Published: 13 December 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/prrjvvdyp7.1
Jessie Pearl, Kevin Anchukaitis, George L. Zimmermann, Mary C. Lardie Gaylord, Ann P McNichol, Charlotte Pearson, Neil Pederson, Jeffrey P. Donnelly, Edward Cook


The northeastern United States subfossil Atlantic white cedar chronology from 411BCE - 1725 CE. Included is the number of trees per year, length of the segment, mean age of the trees, raw ring width, standardized chronology measurement, residuals, and ARSTAN chronology. This chronology was built using three Atlantic white cedar subfossil sites in the northeastern United States, Quamquissett (41.537 N -70.661W), Hundred Acre Cove (41.76 N -71.31 W), and Meadowlands (39.357N -75.34W).



Dendrochronology, Dendroclimatology, Geochronology