“Sound Resonance and Wave Properties in Gases and Liquids Investigating the Nature of Soundwaves Formula Extension“

Published: 20 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/prwrvr6ts6.1
Ruslan Pozinkevych


Our research is an attempt to derive mathematical formula to describe the state of a system created by to or more waves resulting in a shockwave production The shockwave produced is a carrier of an energy that can be used for motion in gases and liquids To be able to utilize this energy we must be able to describe the state of a system of two or more waves at any given time thus deriving a formula that links energy produced to the component characteristics of the wave e.g frequency amplitude etc A mathematical model is used which presents a system of waves as a sum or difference of two vectors which is the resulting vector or a shockwave It is a model that has been obtained after using detailed analysis of both longitudinal and transverse waves



Volins'kij natsional'nij universitet imeni Lesi Ukrainki


Acoustics, Waveguide, Mathematical Series