In-stream wood characteristics and budget model simulation results

Published: 20 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pryjs39z37.1
David Reid


This dataset contains files with in-stream wood information for Carnation Creek, B.C. These files include wood piece and logjam information, piece orientation, input files for a wood budget model, and simulation results from this model. Detailed descriptions of how the data were collected are found in Reid, D. A., Hassan, M. A., Bird, S., and Hogan, D. ( 2019) Spatial and temporal patterns of sediment storage over 45 years in Carnation Creek, BC, a previously glaciated mountain catchment. Earth Surf. Process. Landforms, 44: 1584– 1601. Descriptions of individual files: "TIPSYCWD.csv": file containing timeseries data of riparian coarse wood debris, simulated from the TIPSY program. This file is uses as input to the wood budget model "TIPSYregen.csv" file containing timeseries of riparian vegetation regrowth, simulated from the TIPSY program. This file is uses as input to the wood budget model "Erosionrate.csv": File containing bank erosion rate information (m/yr) used for estimating riparian wood input for the budget model "Orientations.csv" : File containing information on the orientation of wood pieces relative to channel thalweg. "SA piece and volume.csv": File containing information on the proportion of wood pieces in different size classes, and the volume per year in different study sections of Carnation Creek. "SAwood_model.csv": File containing field values used for comparison with model result data. "Wood piece size distribution.csv": File containing information on the distribution of wood piece sizes in each piece size class Folder: "Model output" - contains wood budget model output in the form of .rds files (open with R programming language). These files contain timeseries data of model simulations Folder "Longitudinal survey data (jams)" - this folder contains four .csv files, each with information on logjam volume relative to distance along Carnation Creek.



Wood, Fluvial Geomorphology, Mountain Stream