Dataset of laboratory chlorophyll content measurements and spectral indices based on multispectral imaging in Arabica coffee-Castillo variety.

Published: 19 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/psb992x732.1
Andrés Felipe Solis Pino,


Chlorophyll is a crucial plant pigment that plays a vital role in photosynthesis. Its presence and concentration in leaves can be used as an indicator of the physiological state of plants. A statistically significant correlation is thought to exist between laboratory-measured chlorophyll content and spectral indices obtained from multispectral imaging in Coffea arabica variety Castillo at leaf level. The data show that indices such as GARI, NDVI, and ARVI have a moderate to strong correlation with laboratory-measured chlorophyll content, especially when using the NIR and red bands. The data show correlations more significant than ρ=0.83 between IV (NDVI, GARI, IPVI, NLI, and GR-NDVI) and laboratory-estimated chlorophyll content. Therefore, it can be indicated that the indices are suitable indicators of chlorophyll content indirectly at the level of coffee leaves of Coffea arabica species. Furthermore, given the high correlations found, it can be stated that it is possible to establish regression models to estimate leaf LCC through vegetation indices.


Steps to reproduce

The images and chlorophyll measurements measured in the laboratory are provided. With Matlab, the spectral indices and an ROI on each part of the leaf can be determined, then the chlorophyll content and its relation to the index can be determined.


Corporacion Universitaria Comfacauca


Biotechnology, Spectrophotometry, Leaf Studies