Data for: COSMOS Trader – Chaotic Neuro-oscillatory Multiagent Financial Prediction and Trading System

Published: 1 June 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/psm4d995yx.1
Raymond Lee


Dataset#2 consists of the time series data for 129 worldwide financial products (Table 4), which include: - 9 major cryptocurrencies - 84 major forex - 19 major commodities - 17 worldwide financial indices The raw data contains the daily time series of the daily OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE and VOLUME. These raw time series data are provided by – one of the world major cryptocurrency trading platforms and – one of the world major Forex MT4 trading platforms. To facilitate chaotic neural network training and system testing, we have generated time series data of 15 major financial technical indicators for these 129 financial products. Fellow researchers can base on these financial time series to test for the chaotic neural networks for time series financial prediction under different categories and products.



Finance, Time Series