Nurses’ perceptions of caring behaviors at referral hospitals in Ethiopia

Published: 9 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/psrsk59p43.1
Abebaw Jember,


Nurse caring behaviors play a significant role in clinical practice. The extent to which patients’ feeling cared for derives from their perceptions of nurse caring behaviors. Various factors are reported to be associated with nurses’ perceptions of caring behaviors. Recognizing these factors that impact how nurses perceive care is essential for improving care quality. This study aimed to examine the factors associated with medical-surgical nurses’ perceptions of caring behaviors using a multicenter sequential explanatory mixed-methods study. Data are presented in Stata DTA File and Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet formats.


Steps to reproduce

Data include 148 responses collected using consecutive sampling from three randomly selected referral hospitals in Amhara Regional State. The assumptions of parametric testing that include linearity, normality, homoscedasticity, multicollinearity, and undue influence of outliers were checked before computing a multiple linear regression model. The interview transcript contain identifying information and cannot be shared publicly due to concerns of confidentiality. Participants consented to the study accepting that quotations would be made public, not the entirety of the transcripts. Data are available on request due to ethical concerns.


University of Gondar


Caring Science, Ethiopia, Nurse