Strategic Planning Reflections

Published: 17 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pszymsc38h.1
Jerry Vincent Nix


Data collected as part of normal classroom practices; later de-identified and prepped for analysis under Lamar University IRB approval. This data includes 472 qualitative reflections to weekly learning activities. Data were collected over a period of five months from doctoral students in an EdD program who were registered for a "strategic planning and resource allocation in higher education" course. Data include columns for easy importing into MAXQDA. Data were collected through Kirkpatrick's (1994) level two evaluations embedded into an online learning management system.


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The questionnaire and prompts are published and discussed in these two manuscripts: <br> Nix, V., Shelton, K. and Song, M. (2022), “Implementing Affective Learning Outcomes Through a Meaning-centered Curriculum”, in Sengupta, E. and Blessinger, P. (Ed.) ICT and Innovation in Teaching Learning Methods in Higher Education (Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, Vol. 45), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 65-88. <br> Nix, J. V., Zhang, M., & Song, L. M. (2022). Co-regulated online learning: Formative assessment as learning. Intersection: A Journal at the Intersection of Assessment & Learning 3(2), 36297.


West Texas A&M University, Lamar University


Strategic Management, Qualitative Assessment, Strategic Planning