Modelling earthquake rupture rates in fault systems for seismic hazard assessment: the Eastern Betics Shear Zone.

Published: 27 December 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pt32rrncdm.1
Octavi Gomez-Novell, Thomas Chartier, Eulalia Masana, Oona Scotti, Juan Miguel Insua- Arévalo, María Ortuño, JULIAN GARCIA-MAYORDOMO


This zip file contains all input files necessary to run the SHERIFS calculation performed in this study as well as the outputs (txt files, figures, etc.). This study was done with the latest SHERIFS version (1.1) available for free download and use at: The file is structured in different folders as follows: Inputs such as fault geometry and properties, earthquake catalogue and completeness are located in the 'data' folder (SHERIFS-master\SHERIFS_V1_1\data). The parameters of the models set in our study (scaling laws, background seismicity ratio, fault rupture hypotheses, etc.) are located in the 'Model_EBSZ_1' folder (SHERIFS-master\SHERIFS_V1_1\Complete_EBSZ\Model_EBSZ_1). The different fault rupture hypotheses are separated in different folders named 'sc_Set_1' for hyp. 1, 'sc_Set_5' for hyp. 2, 'sc_Set_6' for hyp. 3 and 'sc_Set_7' for hyp. 4. All fault and multi-fault ruptures of each hypothesis are specified in the 'faults_n_scenarios.txt' file. The different source models (.xml) used to build the MFD of each hypothesis are located in the 'MFD_GR' folder of each set (SHERIFS-master\SHERIFS_V1_1\Complete_EBSZ\Model_EBSZ_1\bg_BG_1\WC1994_A_a\sc_Set_1\bmin_0.8_bmax_1.2\MFD_GR). Txt files of the sampling process and figures of the MFD target fitting of each hypothesis are also visibile in the 'Log' folder of each set (i.e. SHERIFS-master\SHERIFS_V1_1\Complete_EBSZ\Model_EBSZ_1\bg_BG_1\WC1994_A_a\sc_Set_1\bmin_0.8_bmax_1.2\MFD_GR\Log). Outputs of the calculations are located in the 'analysis' folder (SHERIFS-master\SHERIFS_V1_1\Complete_EBSZ\analysis). Inside this, the 'figures' folder is the one that contains the main figures of this study such as the MFDs of each hypothesis, the catalogue MFD, maps of the multi_fault ruptures (FtF) and their NMS distribution. Figures such as participation rates and comparison with paleoseismic data are included (i.e. 'rupture_rate_for_each_fault_cum' folder) as well as additional figures that have not been used in our study. The 'txt_files' folder contains raw data on the MFDs of the different models, slip rate distribution on the different faults for each hypothesis, performance of the models in terms on fit with the catalogue, etc. Read the SHERIFS user manual available in the ‘SHERIFS-master’ folder for more details on the structure of this type of calculation, the content of the files, etc. * The folder structure is set in the correct SHERIFS format so anyone can reproduce or modify the calculation of our study.



Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences, Geology, Neotectonics, Seismic Hazard