Soil fungal communities in distinct vegetation types of Badjelandda National park

Published: 8 November 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ptj93pcpfk.2
, Carles Castano,


This excel dataset contains environmental data, fungal community composition, abundances of functional genes involved in inorganic-N cycling and soil parameters data. The excel file contains 10 sheets in total: 6 sheets contain sample data and 4 sheets contain clarifications for data interpretation. Raw_env_data: contains environmental data of each sample and horizon, separately. Read me raw_env_data: contains heading clarifications for raw_env_data Raw_community_data: contains a fungal community matrix used for multivariate analyses, with read counts transformed into relative abundances. Raw sequence data are archived at NCBI's Sequence Read Archive under accession number PRJNA750897. Taxonomy: Taxonomy file shows the taxonomical identities of the distinct OTUs. Read me Taxonomy: contains heading clarifications for Taxonomy file. Env_data: contains environmental data based on the mass-weighted averages of two humus layers. This is calculated taken in account corer area, soil weight, and organic matter content, when needed. Read me env_data: contains heading clarifications for env_data file. Functional_genes: Contains raw quantitative data (qPCR) of the fungal, bacterial and functional genes involved in inorganic N cycling Read me Functional_genes: Contains heading clarifications for Functional_genes file.



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Soil, Grassland, Heathland, Forest