Transcriptome profiling datasets of different developmental stage flowers of soybean (Glycine max)

Published: 7 June 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/pv2vn2v6bd.2
Eszter Virág


The dynamic of flower development is a key agronomic characteristic affecting soybean yield. We present RNA-seq datasets of field-cultivated soybean flowers in four developmental stages such as flower buds, and early, mature, and overblown stage flowers. GEx library construction and Illumina NextSeq550 sequencing were carried out to produce 86 bp long forward reads. Reads were preprocessed and deposited in the NCBI SRA database. These SRA depositions are under the BioProject accession: PRJNA807844. A reference transcriptome dataset was de novo assembled using these SRA reads. Annotation, differential expression, and gene set enrichment analyses were performed and deposited in the Mendeley database: Glycine_max_flower_Trinity.fasta; Glycine_max_flower_AnnotationTable.txt (tsv); Glycine_max_flower_CountTable.txt (tsv); Glycine_max_flower_GSEA_Table.txt (tsv).


Steps to reproduce

NGS library preparation, de novo assembly of SRA reads to produce reference transcriptome, functional annotation to create Annotation Table, read mapping to estimate transcript abundances, and performing CountTable are described in our earlier report by Decsi et al., 2022 ( Determination of DEGs by pairwise differential gene expression analysis is described in our earlier report by Hegedűs et al., 2022 ( Gene Set Enrichment Analysis was performed using OmicsBox.BioBam (


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