Data and R scripts for 'Reliability of geochemical analyses: Deja vu all over again'

Published: 12 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pvw557y82p.1
Ola Anfin Eggen


The zipped file contains the following: - data (as csv, in the 'data' folder), - R scripts (as Rmd, in the rro folder), - figures (as pdf, in the 'figs' folder), and - presentation (as html, in the root folder).


Steps to reproduce

To run, download, unzip and run 'Supplementary.RProj' in RStudio. Scripts for all figures are given in 'Supplement.Rmd'. R is open en free: RStudio id free: The scripts are presented in a RMarkdown file (Rmd), see