Supporting Information for: "Constraints on trenchward arc migration and retroarc magmatism in the North Patagonian Andes in the context of Nazca plate rollback"

Published: 10 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pvwnmrvkg8.1
Lucía Fernández Paz,
Florencia Bechis,
Vanesa D. Litvak,
Andres Echaurren,
Alfonso Encinas,
Veronica Oliveros,
Javiera González,
Friedrich Lucassen,
Victor A Valencia,
Andrés Folguera


Supporting information for this paper includes analytical methods for U-Pb geochronology, for major and trace elements geochemical analyses and for Nd, Sr and Pb isotopic analyses (Text S1). A summary of single Zircon ages is presented in table S1, while Table S2 contained standards and detection limits obtained during geochemical analyses quality control. Texts S2 and S3, together with Tables S3-S4, comprise petrographic detailed and complementary descriptions of the analyzed samples in Las Bayas and Ventana-Ñireco sections, andinclude thin section photographs of representative samples and main petrographic features Text S4 and Tables S5-S8 include the results of the geochemical and isotopic analyses, together with supplementary geochemical diagrams and its description. Finally, Text S5 describe the methodology, partition coefficients, assumed bulk partition coefficients, equations and additional information necessaries to the reproducibility of the geochemical models.



Geochemistry, Geochronology, Petrography