Published: 15 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pvyh8j6xhn.1
Md Alamin Talukder,


More than 350 million cases of infection, 5 million fatalities, and ongoing negative effects on physical and mental health are all results of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has afflicted people all over the world. Globally, COVID-19 has caused a significant number of fatalities and now poses a novel and uncommon hazard to food security, labor and employment, and public health. Around 10 million individuals globally are impacted daily by COVID, according to the WHO, which is still spreading quickly. The most painful people are those who have chronic illnesses. In order to limit the rate at which the virus is spread by direct contact, researchers focus all of their efforts on reducing the infection rate and increasing the precision of disease detection. We contribute to accelerating the covid19 detection process for deep learning by creating a covid19 dataset in order to decrease the number of deaths caused by covid19. Our dataset, which numerous clinicians and researchers validated, comprises normal and covid19 X-ray pictures from various hospitals in Bangladesh. The dataset contains a total of 2000 images, where 1000 are normal and 1000 are covid images. Since the image quality is good and the data is sharp enough to extract image information, we anticipate that this dataset will aid in the diagnosis of covid19.



Jagannath University


COVID-19, COVID-19 Diagnostics