Constraint-Embedded Velocity Analysis of Lower-DoF Parallel Manipulators to Remove Parasitic Motion .

Published: 16 September 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/pw4dtc2v8r.3
Hassen Nigatu


This work presents a methodology to analyze the constraint, main and parasitic motion, and detect the parasitic motion of lower DoF parallel manipulators at the velocity level. The approach follows the analytic method of obtaining reciprocal screw of the manipulator. Moreover, a new 3 by 3 Jacobian matrix is achieved , parasitic motion is optimized and a non -parasitic motion improved performance manipulator is introduced. The configuration that removes the parasitic motion from the manipulator workspace has poor performance. In order to enhance the performance of resulted in configuration without altering its kinematic characteristics, the joints in one of the limbs are decoupled. So, the performance is improved without allowing the parasitic motion to appear in its workspace. The file can be used independently or with the papers listed in the link below. 1) 2)


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