Parakeets making legitimate visits to Erythrina velutina flowers

Published: 17 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/px5hdx98bd.1
Paulo Antonio Silva


Videos show two species of parakeets visiting Erythrina velutina flowers in an urban area of Brazil, Ilha Solteira, state of São Paulo. When visiting flowers, many parrots usually remove or damage the flowers to access the nectar. The case illustrated here is different: there is no removal or destruction. Most importantly, note the contact with the stamens and stigma. Therefore, the videos show neotropical parrots acting as pollinators. The phenomenon is rare and deserves further investigation. The urban environment offers many opportunities in this regard.



Universidade do Oeste Paulista


Ecology, Psittaciformes, Foraging Behavior, Aves, Urban Ecology, Nectar Foraging, Pollination Studies