DSQSS: Discrete Space Quantum Systems Solver

Published: 13-04-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pxngkh7krj.1
Yuichi Motoyama,
Kazuyoshi Yoshimi,
Akiko Masaki-Kato,
Takeo Kato,
Naoki Kawashima


The Discrete Space Quantum Systems Solver (DSQSS) is a program package for solving quantum many-body problems defined on lattices. The DSQSS is based on the quantum Monte Carlo method in Feynman’s path integral representation and covers a broad range of problems using flexible input files that define arbitrary unit cells in arbitrary dimensions and arbitrary matrix elements representing the interactions among an arbitrary number of degrees of freedom. Finite temperature calculations of quantum spin and the Bose–Hubbard models can be performed by specifying parameters such as the number of dimensions, the lattice size, coupling constants, and temperature. The present paper details the use of DSQSS and presents a number of applications thereof.