Changes in Attitude Homophily due to Video Cultivation

Published: 9 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/py4nb577w4.1
Tereza Semerádová,


The testers for the experiment were recruited from a pool of college students enrolled in e-commerce and digital graphic design courses. The first session was organized into a group of all participants. The session took two hours, during which the participants viewed four videos, two from each YouTuber (Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson), and filled in two questionnaires. The second session, also performed in a group, lasted eight hours to assure sufficient breaks between the six episodes of The Secret World of Jeffree Star. At the end of the session, the testers completed the same questionnaire about the YouTubers as in the first session. The third and fourth sessions were performed with each tester separately due to the possession of only one license for the FaceReader software and one eye-tracking camera. The third session lasted for 10 hours with short breaks. The testers viewed the entire series while being recorded with FaceReader, and subsequently answered two questionnaires. The last session took one hour to complete. The testers browsed social media while being monitored by the eye-tracking camera.



Brand Community, Brand Image, Brand Strategy, Consumer Marketing