Data for: Microstructurally-controlled versus bulk fault gouge K-Ar dating

Published: 9 Aug 2019 | Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pymxfyfxzv.1

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Supplement material 1: Description of the K-Ar and XRD methods.
Supplement material 2: Interpreted XRD diffractograms of (a) FC-1, (b) DZ-1a (c) DZ-1b, (d) FC-2, (e) DZ-2a and (f) DZ-2b.
Supplement material 3: XRD data, normalized to 100 wt%, and illite crystallinity (Kübler Index, given in Δ°2θ). Lower detection limit of XRD results is 1-2 wt% and uncertainty for quantification is c. 2-3 wt%. Kübler indices are standardized according to Warr (2018).

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This data is associated with the following publication:

Microstructurally-constrained versus bulk fault gouge K - Ar dating

Published in: Journal of Structural Geology

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  • Version 1


    Published: 2019-08-09

    DOI: 10.17632/pymxfyfxzv.1

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    Scheiber, Thomas; van der Lelij, Roelant; Margreth, Annina; Viola, Giulio (2019), “Data for: Microstructurally-controlled versus bulk fault gouge K-Ar dating”, Mendeley Data, v1


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Geology, Geochronology


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