GETaLM: A generator for electron tagger and luminosity monitor for electron - proton and ion collisions

Published: 10 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pynthy4j43.1


The study of elastic bremsstrahlung and electron tagging in electron-proton or ion collisions is gaining importance with the planned construction of several experimental facilities focused on deep-inelastic scattering (DIS) measurements. This paper describes a program which generates bremsstrahlung photons in electron-proton and electron-ion interactions as well as scattered electrons in bremsstrahlung processes and in a quasi-real photon approximation to the general DIS process. The effects of electron beam divergence and the spread of the interaction vertex are implemented. The program can be used as an input to simulations of instrumentation for bremsstrahlung photon detection, luminosity measurements, electron tagging, and the determination of the cross sections of corresponding processes.



Nuclear Physics, Computational Physics, Scattering