Online Resources of "Influence Mechanism of Psychological Factors on Performance of Coal Mine Safety Supervisors"

Published: 12 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pz2fzg8pd8.1
Yuzhen Long


Online Resource 1 describes the Assessment Scale of Coal Mine Safety Supervision Competence, which is utilized to assess the ability to recognize risks and hazards in coal mine primary production systems, such as coal mining, driving, electrical work, and elevating transportation. Online Resource 2 details the identification tasks for potential hazards in coal mine safety supervision simulation experiment, including selecting hazard descriptions, assessing hazard types, and evaluating hazard levels. Online Resource 3 details the scores for each dimension of the CBF-PI-B and online Resource 4 details the scores for the coal mine safety supervision competence. Online Resource 5 reports the emotional valences of the subjects experienced expected emotions. Online Resource 6 details the scores for the simulated safety supervision tasks. Pre-processed physiological data are available in Online Resource 7. The hyperparameter values of the candidate models for predicting supervisory performance based on decision tree regressor under different sample splitting conditions are presented in Online Resource 8.



China University of Mining and Technology - Beijing Campus


Psychophysiological Process