Application of lateral branch detection of the palmar branch of the median nerve in the early diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy

Published: 18 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pzbbyrkk7y.1
cheng fu


Electromyography data of the palmar cutaneous branch of the median nerve in people susceptible to peripheral neuropathy in Ruian People's Hospital.


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2.2.Detection instruments and detection methods: the danish KeypointG4 electromyograph evoked potentiometer inspection, control room temperature above 25 °C, limb temperature to maintain above 32 °C.Each group of enrolled patients perfected the peripheral nerves of the traditional routine examination, namely the central nerve trunk movement, the median nerve trunk feeling, the ulnar nerve movement, the ulnar nerve sensation, the common peroneal nerve, the tibia nerve, the superficial peroneal nerve, and the suonecular nerve examination (sensory conduction is carried in the upper limb using the forward method, the lower limb is reversed method), and its conduction speed and amplitude are detected(Normal values in our laboratory: median nerve MCV ≥50m/s, amplitude ≥5mv, SCV ≥50m/s, amplitude ≥8mv; ulnar mcV ≥50m/s, ≥5mv, SCV ≥50m/s, amplitude ≥5mv; total peroneal nerve MCV ≥40m/s, amplitude ≥2.5mv; superficial fibula SCV ≥40m/s, amplitude ≥4mv; thipani nerve MCV ≥40m/s, amplitude ≥5mv; gastrocnoneal nerve SCV ≥40m/s, Amplitude ≥7mv). It is considered as abnormal peripheral nerve detection if the sensory conduction velocity or wave amplitude is less than the above value. At the same time, the lateral branch of the palmar branch of the median nerve was detected,Method: The recording electrode is placed at the walk of the median nerve in the wrist and in the same position as when measuring the median nerve trunk, the reference electrode is at the proximal end of the recording electrode, the two are 2-3cm apart, and the stimulation electrode is at the first knuckle on the fish side of the thumb.


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