Measurement data from "Validation of HDR brachytherapy doses in the treatment of keloid scars using the egs_brachy Monte Carlo application"

Published: 28 March 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/pzjhjv5kcc.2
Aleksi Saikkonen


Bravos and microSelectron folders contain the results of Monte Carlo simulations (.3ddose files) and film results (OmniIMRT). You can open these with Profeel, an open-source dosimetry data visualization software made with MATLAB. RPL results are in .xlsx file and top and side view of the measurement phantom is in pdf file. Aria doseprofiles.rar file contains dose profiles made with Eclipse (txt files, AC = Acuros, elekta = microSelectron v2 TG-43 and varian = GammaMed Plus TG-43).


Steps to reproduce

Monte Carlo simulation results were calculated with egs_brachy, radiophotoluminescence dosimeter results were measured in polycarbonate & solid water phantom. More information in corresponding article.


Turun Yliopisto, TYKS


Dosimetry, Dosimetry in Radiotherapy, Monte Carlo Calculation in Dosimetry, Data Access