Mechanical stress-strain data of Canadian small clear spruce-pine-fir wood

Published: 3 January 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/pzrgrp57yf.3


The dataset present on this repository represents stress-strain data from mechanical testing of clear wood specimens based on ASTMD143-22 standard. This repository contains four type of information: raw data, metadata, Matlab routines, and processed data. Each raw text file contains data in columns. The first column represents the time. The second column represents the load, recorded from the MTS machine load cell. The third column represents the stroke of the actuator. The fourth and last column represents the deformation, measured from either the extensometer or the linear voltage displacement transducer. Next, the metadata file on tests contain information such as the cross-sectional dimensions of each specimen, as well as the calculated ultimate strength and modulus of elasticity. Matlab routines were written to process files. There is one Matlab file for each test type (compression, tension, or shear) and each wood grade. The “.m” Matlab files can be opened with any text editor. Lastly, processed files follow the same blueprint as the raw files. Each processed text file contains data in columns. The first column represents the strain imposed on the specimen. This quantity is dimensionless and is given in percentage. The second column represents the engineering stress resulting from the strain applied on the specimen. The unit for stresses is mega-pascal (MPa).



The University of British Columbia


Wood, Mechanical Property, Strain Measurement, Mechanical Stress, Timber