Road map To Cancer - Beginning Shapes the End

Published: 8 May 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/pzwjmc8gmm.2
Raseela Karunakaran


The document describes the role of mitochondria in maintaining cellular homeostasis through the silencing of death genes and matrix remodeling during both normoxia and hypoxia. In particular, during hypoxia, mitochondria induce aberrant cell death while also activating repair genes to promote cellular rebirth. The document also discusses the role of mitochondria in pregnancy, specifically the induction of hypoxic remodeling of trophoblast cells, and the conservation of this process through ancient survival genes called JAK-STATS. The document explains that chronic inflammation in modern humans is caused by a loss of mitochondrial tolerance and adaptation to hypoxia through JAK-STAT activation. JAK-STATS are ancient molecules that provide redox support to mitochondria for reproductive success in all organisms. Over-activation of redox metabolism in modern humans has contributed to a loss of mitochondrial loyalty to cells, leading to reduced oxidative metabolism and an inability to maintain cell matrix integrity. Ultimately, this can result in dissociation of cytosol from mitochondria, irreversible matrix damage, and abnormal cell death. Overall, this medical document provides insights into the important role of mitochondria in maintaining cellular homeostasis and highlights the potential consequences of a loss of mitochondrial function in modern humans.



Lung Cancer, Pathogenesis