Code for: Exact and Numerically Stable Expressions for Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko Beam Modes

Published: 28 June 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/r275tx2yp8.3
Firas Khasawneh, Daniel Segalman


This data contains the Matlab files needed to obtain the exact and numerically stable eigenvalues and the eigenmodes for both the Timoshenko and the Euler-Bernoulli beam models. The corresponding Finite element code is also included for comparing and verifying the resulting eigenvalues and eigenfunctions. The numerical stabilization of the eigenvalue problem allows the computation of arbitrarily large modes; which up until now was very limited especially for Timoshenko beams. If you use this code in your work, please cite the corresponding article which is linked to this repository (see the related links section).


Steps to reproduce

The code uses and requires downloading Matlab's chebfun package. The location of the that package must be added to Matlab's path before the code in the repo can be used.


Michigan State University


Numerical Algorithm, Vibration, Euler-Bernoulli Beam Theory, Beam Theory, Eigenvalue Problems