Occurrences of limneid species of epidemiological importance in South America

Published: 14 June 2024| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/r2cc38vz8k.3
Thayany Magalhães de Almeida


Data on the occurrence of limneids (Gastropoda: Lymnaeidae) - Pseudosuccinea columella, Galba neotropica/cubensis, Galba truncatula and Galba schirazensis - in South America. The data were obtained through a literature review and the malacological collection of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC ) from Rio de Janeiro. The Excel file tabs provide information on the titles of the articles selected in the review to obtain the data, as well as a tab with the tabulated data. There is a tab with a general tabulation of the occurrences of all species, in addition to the occurrences separated by species in the different tabs of the Excel file.


Steps to reproduce

The data were obtained mainly by literature review using the PRISMA methodology, according to the attached word document.


Universidade Federal do Parana


Ecology, Zoology, Parasitology, Epidemiology