ERNIE: A Data Platform For Research Assessment

Published: 25 July 2018| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/r2wgtzfh2j.3


This dataset contains results from a manuscript titled, "ERNIE: A Platform To Support Research Assessment" that was under review at Heliyon. Response to critique was incorporated into a revised form of the manuscript that has been posted on BioRxiv. The data are largely bibliographic in nature being derived from citation analysis of lists of references. Web of Science IDs have been masked with pseudoIDs to honor contractual obligations.


Steps to reproduce

Methods are described in the manuscript, which will be uploaded to BioRxiv and hopefully published after review. A a high level. the data consists of edgelists and nodelists for graph data generated in case studies that link scientific references. The code is available as a versioned release and as continuously updated source at


Graph-Based Representation, Research Evaluation, Bibliometrics