Preliminary Venomic Characterization of the Venom of Phalotris lemniscatus (Serpentes, Colubridae)

Published: 11 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r3cy5kk4wg.1
, Melitta Meneghel,


This dataset correspond to the proteomic analysis of the article entitle “Preliminary Biochemical and Venomic Characterization of the Venom of Phalotris lemniscatus (Serpentes, Colubridae)” sending to Current topics in medicinal chemistry. The data set include the raw files of each band of mass spectroscopy and the database used to identify the proteins. To observe the SDS page, please refer to the article. “Protein bands were excised and sent to the Spectroscopy and Biophysics Core, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (via Science Exchange) to in-gel trypsin digestion and peptide fragmentation by LC-MS/MS. The instrument was an LTQ Velos Pro (Thermo Scientific) equipped with dual pressure ion-trap. Raw data obtained by proteomic analysis was analyzed using MaxQuant software [30–32] with the default parameters (false discovery rate 0,01). As a sequence database to match for protein identification, a fasta file download from Uniprot was used. Database was constituted by all the reviewed sequenced proteins of snakes, around 2500 proteins from Swiss-Prot database (taxonomy:"Serpentes (snakes) [8570]" AND reviewed:yes)”.



Universidad de la Republica Uruguay


Proteomics, Snake Venom