Dataset of the Arab Deaf People's Reactions on Subtitling Vernacular Egyptian Movies into Modern Standard Arabic

Published: 3 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r3f4zcgrcp.1
Ahmad S Haider,


A dataset was compiled to elicit the reactions of a group of deaf people to their experience of watching a colloquial Egyptian movie subtitled intralingually into Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). The researchers designed a survey that includes two sections. The first section contains demographic information, including gender, education level, age, and MSA reading speed. The second section comprises five main constructs: (1) movie watching habits, (2) technical aspects, (3) linguistic and paralinguistic information, (4) attitude, and (5) future actions and recommendations. The researchers contacted two centers for the deaf in Egypt and Egypt to provide them with the contact details of some of their members who are willing to take part in the study. They were sent a Google Drive link that includes the Egyptian movie Boushkash with Netflix MSA subtitles. The members were then asked to fill in a Likert-type questionnaire that is designed using Microsoft Forms. Snowball sampling method was also used as the researchers asked the respondents to share the links with their deaf fellows. Responses from 126 participants were received. The responses of 20 participants were used for piloting, i.e., to examine the questionnaire's reliability, while the remaining 106 respondents were used in the dataset of the present study. The percentage of respondents who either 'Strongly Agreed' or 'Agreed' with the item was calculated. In addition, the standard error of the mean "M (S.E.)" for each item was also calculated. The data will be useful for translators and subtitlers interested in examining the impact of intralingual subtitles on the audience with hearing impairment. Policymakers and governments can use the data to identify the needs of this minority group and take action to force national T.V. channels to add intralingual translation to their various programs.



Cinema, Arabic Language, Deafness