Traffic Flow Data at Signalized Intersections in Uyo Metropolis

Published: 9 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r3xcj85wbp.1


The data were collected simultaneously from sixteen signalized intersections in Uyo metropolis, over three days, peak morning and evening hours. The data were analyzed to determine the average delays for under-saturated and over-saturated traffic situations, The traffic data considered for each signalized intersections were number of vehicle arriving and leaving each signalized intersection, vehicles in queue at the start of cycle, average number of vehicle departing for a given pass time, effective green time and cycle length, location of the traffic lights and the affected direction of traffic flow. Performance indicators such as arrival rate, saturation flow rate, service rate, flow ratio, degree of saturation, and overall average delay were computed to evaluate traffic conditions and behavior. For under-saturated condition, degree of saturation (X) of traffic flow is less than 1 (X < 1), while degree of saturation greater than 1 (X ≥1) represents over-saturated traffic conditions.


Steps to reproduce

Akçelik delay model using coordinate transformation


University of Wolverhampton School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Uyo Faculty of Engineering


Transportation Engineering, Smart Transportation