Data on the survival times of breast cancer patients in a Teaching Hospital, Osogbo

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r3zhfg9gwv.1
Phillip Awodutire, Oladayo Kolawole, Oluwatosin Ilori


The data has 8 variables 1 Time: This measures the survival times of the patients.The survival time is the difference between the date of report for treatment at the hospital for treatment andd the date of last contact. The time is measured in Days 2: Age of Patients: This gives the age of the patients in years 3: Censor: This is the censor values. It is 1 when uncensored and 0 when censored 4: Age at Menarche: This measures the age at which the patients forst had A menstrual flow.Measured in years 5:Breastfeeding: This measures the average years that the patient used to breastfeed 6: Contraceptive: Has the patient used contraceptive before? 1-Yes, 2-No 7: Detection: We categorized this into two; Stage I/ Stage II (Early Detection) , Stage III/Stage IV(Late Detection) 8: Neoadjuvant: Was Neoadjuvant administered? 1-Yes, 2-No



Public Health, Breast Cancer, Survival Analysis