Fernández and Alli - Tetraglochin pollen

Published: 24 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r4rp6r6r9p.1
Damián Andrés Fernández


Pollen morphology of the six species of Tetraglochin. Measurements expressed in um, taken on optical microscope microphotographs, using Image J 1.53K.


Steps to reproduce

Pollen grains were removed from anthers of herbarium specimens from LP and SI (Holmgrem et al., 1981). Pollen terminology follows Punt et al. (2007). For LM pollen was acetolysed according to Erdtman (1960) and slides were prepared by mounting the pollen. For light microscopy observations, 10 and 25 mm residues were dehydrated with alcohol, and mounted in a UV-curable acrylate following Noetinger et al. (2017) procedures. Outline in polar view, polar axis (P), endoaperture length, ectoaperture length, exine thickness, were measured on 30 pollen grains under LM (Table 1). The ratio of polar axis/average ectoaperure length (AverageE / poreD) is used as a measure of the aperture size in relation to the grain size (i.e., the bigger the ratio, the smaller the colpi in relation to de grain size). For all other features at least 30 measurements were made, often with multiple measurements taken from one pollen grain or section. The statistical data for each sample was calculated using Microsoft Excel 2019.


Universidad Nacional de Tierra del Fuego Antartida e Islas del Atlantico Sur